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As a Full Stack Developer, I have a broad range of experience in creating projects with a variety of technologies. My skills include:

  • Vanilla JavaScript: Strong foundation in the language that powers the web.
  • HTML & CSS: Proficient in creating structured, visually appealing web pages.
  • Canvas: Experience in creating interactive graphics and animations with the Canvas API.
  • SASS: Familiarity with using SASS to simplify and streamline the styling of web pages.
  • ReactJS: Experience in building scalable and efficient web applications using the popular React framework.

With this range of experience, I'm confident in my ability to bring a project from start to finish, no matter the technical requirements.

Franklin Park Preschool

  • Click to visit Franklin Park Preschools website

    - Client specific -
    One stop website for Franklin Park Co-Op Preschool

Ballroom Dance

  • embd website

    -Client specific-
    Website developed in React


  • Click to visit emdr website

    Website that allows user to utilize Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing

More to come!

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